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On Becoming Nuyoricans


Angela Anselmo and Alma Rubal-Lopez

On Becoming Nuyoricans takes an intimate look at two sisters’ experiences growing up as part of the first generation of female Puerto Ricans born and raised in New York during the 1950s and 1960s. This generation of Puerto Ricans, also referred to as «Nuyoricans», played a critical role in helping to define unique issues of race, assimilation, and equity for immigrants who were not white Europeans (African Americans notwithstanding) in a society that defined itself as a «melting pot». This book also examines critical issues related to community, home, class, values, motivation, and identity that have played a role in molding who those women are today. In essence, On Becoming Nuyoricans provides an important look at a pivotal period in American society as depicted in these sisters’ narratives and an analysis of their recollections.