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«Lost on the Map of the World»

Jewish-American Women's Quest for Home in Essays and Memoirs, 1890-Present

Phillipa Kafka

«Lost on the Map of the World» explores Jewish-American women’s enduring quest from ca. 1890 to the present to find a home(land) where they can have a Jewish identity and still enjoy gender equality. Originally, many were torn between obedience to confining patriarchal tradition and the attractions of an upwardly mobile secular lifestyle. Others opposed all traditional patriarchal constraints against women everywhere and engaged in political activism to improve the quality of all lives, not only their own. In contrast, many ‘new wave’ Jewish-American women have succeeded in integrating feminism into their Jewish identity, although they have so far failed in their quest to do so in Israel.
Contents: Philippe Codde: A Willing Embrace of the Shadow: Cultural and Textual Hybridity in Anzia Yezierska’s Bread Givers – Barbara Finkelstein: Return to Poland – Ranen Omer-Sherman: «O, my Shehena who shall live in your tent?»: Gender, Diaspora, and the Ambivalence of Return in E. M. Broner’s A Weave of Women – Phillipa Kafka: From Pariah to Professor Emerita – Tobin Belzer: Written in and Read out: Why Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying was not Considered «Jewish Writing» – Batya Weinbaum: Narrative from the Field – Batya Weinbaum: The Candelabra and the Typewriter – Ruth Knafo Setton: Searching for God in the Sierra – Dina Elenbogen: Selections from Drawn from Water.