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International Developments in Early Childhood Services


Lorna K. S. Chan and Elizabeth J. Mellor

International Developments in Early Childhood Services examines the current provisions, recent developments, and issues confronting early childhood services in 15 countries with material presented as case studies drawn from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Pacific Region, and North America. Developments and issues are discussed in terms of the contextual factors shaping them. Structural, funding, staffing and program-content developments are highlighted. This book focuses on education and care services for children up to eight years of age.
Contents: Lorna K.S. Chan/Elizabeth Mellor: Introduction and Overview – Gerald Ashby/Anne Kennedy/Elizabeth Mellor: Early Childhood Services in Australia: Recent Commonwealth and State Initiatives – Janette Pelletier/Carl Corter: Education, and Development in the Canadian Context – Margaret N.C. Wong/Lijuan Pang: Early Childhood Education in China: Issues and Development – Hannele Kess: The Child’s Right to Early Childhood Services in Finland – Lorna K.S. Chan/Lily Chan: Reforming Early Childhood Education in Hong Kong: Meeting the Challenges – Nirmala Rao/Adarsh Sharma: Early Childhood Services in India: Challenges and Prospects for Their Development – Yoko Shirakawa: Early Childhood Education in Japan in the Twenty-First Century – Paul P.M. Leseman: Early Childhood Services in the Netherlands: Structure, Tensions, and Changes – Cushla Scrivens: Early Childhood Education in New Zealand: The Interface between Professionalism and the New Right – Maria Emilia Nabuco/Lily Chan: Recent Changes to Early Childhood Services in Portugal – Lily H. Wong/S.E. Audrey Lim: Early Childhood Education in Singapore – Yu-wei Lin: Early Childhood Services in Taiwan – Iram Siraj-Blatchford: New Horizons in Early Childhood Education in the United Kingdom – Bernard Spodek: Early Childhood Education in the United States: Using Illinois as a Case Study – Jacqueline Hayden: Early Childhood Developments in Zimbabwe: A Community Development Approach for Extraordinary Circumstances – Elizabeth Mellor/Lorna K.S. Chan: Conclusion: Contexts, Issues, Developments, Trends, and Challenges.