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International Developments in Early Childhood Services


Lorna K. S. Chan and Elizabeth J. Mellor

Contents: Lorna K.S. Chan/Elizabeth Mellor: Introduction and Overview – Gerald Ashby/Anne Kennedy/Elizabeth Mellor: Early Childhood Services in Australia: Recent Commonwealth and State Initiatives – Janette Pelletier/Carl Corter: Education, and Development in the Canadian Context – Margaret N.C. Wong/Lijuan Pang: Early Childhood Education in China: Issues and Development – Hannele Kess: The Child’s Right to Early Childhood Services in Finland – Lorna K.S. Chan/Lily Chan: Reforming Early Childhood Education in Hong Kong: Meeting the Challenges – Nirmala Rao/Adarsh Sharma: Early Childhood Services in India: Challenges and Prospects for Their Development – Yoko Shirakawa: Early Childhood Education in Japan in the Twenty-First Century – Paul P.M. Leseman: Early Childhood Services in the Netherlands: Structure, Tensions, and Changes – Cushla Scrivens: Early Childhood Education in New Zealand: The Interface between Professionalism and the New Right – Maria Emilia Nabuco/Lily Chan: Recent Changes to Early Childhood Services in Portugal – Lily H. Wong/S.E. Audrey Lim: Early Childhood Education in Singapore – Yu-wei Lin: Early Childhood Services in Taiwan – Iram Siraj-Blatchford: New Horizons in Early Childhood Education in the United Kingdom – Bernard Spodek: Early Childhood Education in the United States: Using Illinois as a Case Study – Jacqueline Hayden: Early Childhood Developments in Zimbabwe: A Community Development Approach for Extraordinary Circumstances – Elizabeth Mellor/Lorna K.S. Chan: Conclusion: Contexts, Issues, Developments, Trends, and Challenges.