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The Plume and the Palette

Essays in Honor of Josephine von Henneberg

Pamela Berger, Jeffery Howe and Susan A. Michalczyk

The Plume and the Palette is dedicated to Josephine von Henneberg. A scholar of Italian Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture, Dr. von Henneberg’s distinguished career spanned nearly four decades. The essays in this volume, ranging from Antiquity to the present, touch on many of Dr. von Henneberg’s interests, especially architecture and art in Italy. They treat issues as diverse as Medievalism in modern architecture, Michelangelo’s poetry, and political meaning in Italian cinema. Artists have contributed drawings, paintings, and photographs whose connections to Italian themes are elucidated by the artists themselves. It is with profound gratitude and in acknowledgment of the inspiration Josephine von Henneberg has provided that this volume has been prepared by her friends and colleagues.
Contents: Pamela Berger: Sculpted Body Parts from Ancient Healing Sanctuaries in Greece, Italy and Gaul – Alessandro Cecchi: Jacopo Zucchi ’à la manière de’ Giorgio Vasari: il ritratto de gentildonna del Metropolitan Museum – Claude Cernuschi: The Application of Psychoanalysis to the Humanities: Science or Hermeneutics? – Liana de Girolami Cheney: The Ovidian Agony of Love in Renaissance Art – Jeffery Howe: (Re)Cycling: Medievalism in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Architecture – John Michalczyk: Inspiration for the Partisan Priest in Rossellini’s ‘Open City’ (1945) – Susan A. Michalczyk: Etchings on a Soul: Michelangelo’s Florentine Poetry (1520-1532) – Katherine Nahum: Simandl’s Caryatids and Hoffmann’s Stoclet Tower – Franco Paliaga: L’architettura del Principe, ‘Dux e Pius’: I ‘sontuosi’ progetti di Giorgio Vasari per la chiesa dell’Ordine dei Cavalieri di Santo Stefano in Pisa – Paolo Squatriti: Patrons, Landscape, and Potlatch: The Cases of Bulgaria and England in the Early Middle Ages – Cornelius Vermeule: A Greek Saint in Late Renaissance Italy – Mary Armstrong: Appropriating Giotto’s Chapel – Aileen Callahan: Dante’s Heads – Alston Conley: Drawing from the Italian Masters – Mark Cooper: Of Two Minds – Charles A. Meyer: Restorative Justice, not Retributive Justice – John Steczynski: On Envisioning the ‘Book of Revelation’: Text, Context and Image – Andrew Tavarelli: Udine at the Assumption.