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The Internationalization of Curriculum Studies

Selected Proceedings from the LSU Conference 2000

Donna Trueit, William E. Jr. Doll, Hongyu Wang and William F. Pinar

The Louisiana State University (LSU) Conference on the internationalization of curriculum studies was held April 27-30, 2000. As a result of this breakthrough meeting, the International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, and the movement within American curriculum studies known as «internationalization» all emerged. This book, which documents the conference proceedings, is an important one for courses in teacher education, foundations of education, and curriculum studies.
Contents: Donna Trueit: Democracy and Conversation – William F. Pinar: Toward the Internationalization of Curriculum Studies – Peter Appelbaum: Poaching: Sanctifying Time – Keith Bookwalter: WES: A Theory and Framework for an International Curriculum – Kevan Brewer: Technology Unmasked? – Zain Davis: Bernstein avec Lacan: Desire, Jouissance, and Pedagogic Discourse – Aristides Gazetas: Re-constituting Pedagogies: The (Im)possibilities for Inter/nationalizing Curriculum Studies – Urve Läänemets: Reflections on a Dialogue about Education for the Future – Ajeet Mathur: What Knowledge Is of Most Worth – Lars Monsen: Curriculum Reforms in Norway: «To Change in Order to Preserve?» – Hugh Munby/Peter Chin/Nancy Hutchinson: Co-operative Education, the Curriculum, and Working Knowledge – Antoinette Oberg: Creating a Dialogue with Difference – Edmund O’Sullivan: The Project and Vision of Transformative Learning – Sid N. Pandey: The Globalization of the World and the Need for the Internationalization of Curriculum Studies: A Change for the Future – Eero Ropo/Veli-Matti Värri: Teacher Identity and the Ideologies of Teaching: Some Remarks on the Interplay – Karsten Schnack: Action Competence as an Educational Ideal – David Geoffrey Smith: The Specific Challenges of Globalization for Teaching...and Vice Versa – Judith J. Slater: Creation of Participatory Public Spaces – Tuukka Tomperi: «El sueño de razón produce monstruos», or Reconstructing the Curriculum of Philosophy – Tianlong Yu: The Politics of Moral Education: A Cross-Cultural Analysis.