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Racial and Ethnic Economic Inequality

An International Perspective


Bruce P. Corrie and Samuel L. Myers

In a world where racial tensions and racial and ethnic inequality seem to be increasing, it is instructive to look back over the decade of the 1990s to examine what academic researchers have had to say about the global nature of race, racism, and racial inequality. Almost every country with a multiethnic population faces these problems. This collection of essays provides an eclectic but accessible mix of readings on perspectives from such countries as Australia, Russia, France, Chile, West Africa, India, and the United States. Emphasis is placed on positive strategies to help reduce or eliminate economic inequality. The implications for the demise of affirmative action programs are also discussed. Pre-dating the United Nation’s World Conference on Racism, the readings anticipate many of the recommendations and insights that have now come to be the core of international strategies. This collection will prove valuable to all those concerned with ending racism and achieving racial and ethnic economic equality.
Contents: Bruce P. Corrie/Samuel L. Myers, Jr.: Introduction – Pinar Batur: Just a Link in the Chain: Global Racism and the Concept of «Blackness» in Russia – Hernán Vera: Local Global Racism in Latin America – Yanick St. Jean: A Case of Culturalization: Haitians in the Dominican Republic – Jomo K.S.: Ethnic Discrimination: A Critical Survey of Economic Explanations – Rupert W. Nacoste: Affirmative Action by the Numbers: Why and How the Psychology of Affirmative Action Matters – Frank Deale: Affirmative Action and International Law: A Test Case – Walter W. Stafford: International Human Rights Instruments and Racial Discrimination in the United States – Eleanor Bourke/Colin Bourke: An Indigenous Australian University – Autar S. Dhesi: Unequal Opportunities in Education and Labour Market in India – Sukhadeo Thorat: Programs for Empowerment and Reducing Equality: A Long Way to Go for Untouchables – Bruce P. Corrie: Racial and Ethnic Inequality - Is Political Mobilization the Remedy? The Case of Dalits and Tribals in Kerala, India – Marilyn E. Lashley: Remedying Racial and Ethnic Inequality in New Zealand: Reparative and Distributive Policies of Social Justice – Gary C. Anders: A Call for Public Policy Review: The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and Native American Development – Sheila D. Collins: Economic Security for All: A Necessary Condition for Eliminating Racial Economic Inequality – Samuel L. Myers, Jr.: If Not Affirmative Action, Then What?