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The Freirean Legacy

Educating for Social Justice


Judith J. Slater, Steve Fain and Cesar A. Rossatto

In this collection of voices, one hears stories and discussions grounded in the ideas of one of the most influential teachers and thinkers of our time. The Freirean Legacy offers the reader an opportunity to consider the work of Paulo Freire in terms of three significant perspectives. Michael Apple, Joe Kincheloe, and Ana Maria Araújo (Nita) Freire are among those who share insights and understandings resulting from firsthand experiences with Freire. The theoretical insights into his work and ideas are brought forth in pieces by Peter McLaren, Judith J. Slater, and others. Finally, this book concludes with interpretations of Freire's teachings as applied to praxis by several authors, including Stephen M. Fain and Cesar A. Rossatto. This anthology will serve the initiate well in getting to know Paulo Freire, while at the same time providing the sophisticated scholar with an opportunity to advance the conversation and continue the dialogue.
Contents: Michael W. Apple: Preface: The Freirian Legacy – Ana Maria Araújo Freire: Paulo Freire and the Untested Feasibility – Joe L. Kincheloe/Shirley R. Steinberg: A Legacy of Paulo Freire: A Conversation – Veronica Gesser: Paulo Freire: The Man, His Work, and His Character – Peter McLaren/Ramin Farahmandpur: Freire, Marx, and the New Imperialism: Toward a Revolutionary Praxis – Judith J. Slater: Limitations of the Public Space: Habitus and Worldlessness – Gerard Huiskamp: Negotiating Communities of Meaning in Theory and Practice: Rereading Pedagogy of the Oppressed as Direct Dialogic Encounter – Jill L. Haunold: Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop: A History of American Child Labor and Compulsory Education; Emancipation or Reconstituted Oppression? – Ricky Lee Allen: Wake Up, Neo: White Identity, Hegemony, and Consciousness in The Matrix – Stephen M. Fain: The Quest for Authentic Engagement – Wendy W. Brandon: Interrupting Racial Profiling: Moving Pre-Service Teachers from White Identity to Equity Pedagogy – Cesar A. Rossatto: Critical Pedagogy Applied Praxis: A Freirean Interdisciplinary Project and Grassroot Social Movement – Laureen A. Fregeau/Robert D. Leier: Praxis and Teacher Visions of Socially Just School Reform – Dawn Emerson Addy: Community Dialogue: A Tool for Social Engagement and Class Awareness – Charles Reitz: Elements of Education: Critical Pedagogy and the Community College – Arisve Esquivel/Karla Lewis/Dalia Rodriguez/David Stovall/Tyrone Williams: We Know What’s Best for You: Silencing of People of Color.