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Teaching for Aesthetic Experience

The Art of Learning


Gene Diaz and Martha Barry McKenna

The artist/educators in this book invite you to come with them on a journey of discovery into the meaning of teaching for aesthetic experience. With learning as their art, they create educational encounters with passion and feeling, and leave their students with vivid impressions, growth, and change. Each author engages in aesthetic experience from an individual perspective – as poet, dancer, visual artist, or musician – and each of them engages as an educator who brings art into his or her classroom, no matter what the subject. Inspired by the words of philosopher Maxine Greene, the contributors transform the theoretical into the practical, urging students to look to the arts and nature for simple beauty, and awaken their minds to new possibilities of creative learning.
Contents: Shaun McNiff: Foreword – Gene Diaz/Martha Barry McKenna: Introduction: Imagining Questions – Maxine Greene: Carpe Diem: The Arts and School Restructuring – Sheng Kuan Chung: Zen (Ch’an) and Aesthetic Education – Martha Barry McKenna: Monday at the Met: Engaging with Works of Art Outside the Museum – Marjorie Cohee Manifold: In a Bishonan Boarding House: Time, Space, and the Social Dimensions of an Info Age Aesthetic – Gene Diaz: Experiencing the Moment – Karel Rose: Everything Changes: Transformative Thinking through Aesthetic Experience – Celeste Snowber: An Aesthetics of Everyday Life – Lisa Donovan: Unlocking the Aesthetic Experience: Exploring the Arts in the Classroom – Rishma Dunlop: Red Shoes: The Woman Artist/Educator in the Ivory Tower – Margaret Macintyre Latta: Curriculum as Medium for Sense Making: Giving Expression to Teaching/Learning Aesthetically – Craig Kridel: Biographical Imaginations: Aesthetic Adventures and Explorations in Living History – Joyce Salvage: Telling Tales Outside of School: Coconstructions of Self – Gene Diaz/Martha Barry McKenna: A Gathering of Voices.