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International Proverb Scholarship

An Annotated Bibliography- Supplement III (1990-2000)

Wolfgang Mieder

This bibliography is a continuation of the three previous volumes of Wolfgang Mieder’s International Proverb Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography (1982, 1990, 1993). This new volume completes the registration of paremiological and phraseological publications from around the world that have appeared during the past two centuries. The majority of the 2,769 entries stems from the 1990-2000 decade, but a few earlier publications that had been missed are also included. Every bibliographical reference is followed by one to two lines of alphabetically arranged key-words (about six to fourteen terms). Occasionally a few more lines of descriptive key-words (names, subjects, titles, and texts of individual proverbs) are added, notably in the case of essay volumes or major book-length studies on paremiology or phraseology. At the end of the volume all key-words are listed in a name, subject, and proverb index. The 7,368 bibliographical entries of the now four volumes of International Proverb Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography bear witness to the truly impressive scholarship of paremiology and phraseology. They represent an invaluable research tool for such scholarly fields as anthropology, art history, communication, cultural studies, ethnography, folklore, gender studies, history, linguistics, literature, philology, philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, and others.