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In Bed with Procrustes

Feminism's Flirtation with Patriarchy- Book 2

Patricia J. Thompson

In Bed with Procrustes: Feminism’s Flirtation with Patriarchy is the second volume in a «Hestia Trilogy». It continues Professor Thompson’s exploration of the Hestian/Hermean Dual Systems Paradigm, introduced in The Accidental Theorist: The Double Helix of Everyday Life. Drawing on two ancient Greek mythemes – Hestia, guardian of the «homeplace» and Hermes, guardian of the «marketplace» – she introduces a metaphorical language with which to examine the private/public, civic/domestic, familial/political aspects of the human condition to reclaim the family ecosystem as a site for feminist theory. She challenges «one size fits all» theories based on patriarchal paradigms (the «bed of Procrustes») and suggests how a Hestian feminist perspective can be applied to the academic disciplines of classics, philosophy, history, political science, sociology, psychology, economics, and ethics.