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The Future of Educational Studies


George W. Noblit and Beth Hatt-Echeverria

This book represents a millennial point of reflection in the history of educational studies and its future. The trajectory of educational studies is especially interesting due to shifts that have occurred concerning knowledge and identity – particularly how they encounter one another. The chapters are largely drawn from presentations made at the American Educational Studies Association. They reflect educational studies «on the ground» as practiced by members in the field and represent the future of educational studies – the redefinition of disciplines, the link between ideas and practice, and a critique of the assumptions within taken-for-granted knowledge. The Future of Educational Studies provides an excellent overview of educational studies and current examples of the range of work being done in the field.
Contents: George W. Noblit/Beth Hatt-Echeverria: Introduction: The Future of Educational Studies in the United States – Bryan McKinley/Jones Brayboy: The History of Anthropology and Future Research: Conducting «Fieldwork» – David Levine: Reform and Conflict in U.S. Urban Education During the Early Twentieth Century: Reflections on the Interpretive Struggle – Lynda Stone: Philosophy of Education as Guild Work – Steve Tozer: Making the Philosophical Practical – Mary Abascal-Hildebrand: Community as Text: Applying Ricoeurean Conceptions of Metaphor in Understanding Cultural Relations – Magnus O. Bassey: Foundational Studies in Teacher Education: A New Imperative – Clinton Collins: A New Class of Heroes: Fallout from the Clinton-Lewinsky Skandal – Hye-Kyeong Pae: Global Education from an Ecological Perspective: To Become a Global Citizen – Huey-li Li: Rethinking Virtual Community as Pedagogical Enterprise – Lanese Kwegyir Aggrey: White Identity Development in Preservice Teacher Education – Evelyn Sears: «Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired»: Exploring How the Story of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Can Enrich Multicultural Curricula – Lesley Shore: Good/Bad Girls and the Women Who Teach Them: A Renewed Call for Media Literacy – Angelique Williams/John A. Xanthopoulos: An Alternative to Criminal Behavior: Educating Inmates as Captive Students or Just Captives? – Beth Hatt-Echeverria: Prison Perspectives on Pedagogy – David M. Dees: Foundations of Education and Acting Theory? You’ve Got to Be Kidding! – Monte Piliawsky: Educational Reform or Corporate Agenda? State Takeover of Detroit’s Public Schools – Mary E. Weems: I Speak From the Wound in My Mouth: A Critical Response to a Confrontation with Institutionalized Racism – A. Keith Carreiro: Inquiry That Incites Insight – George W. Noblit/Beth Hatt-Echeverria/Sherick A. Hughes: Where Identity Meets Knowledge: The Future of Educational Studies.