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Christiane Rochefort and the Dialogic

Voices of Tension and Intention


Pamela Fries Paine

Pamela Fries Paine’s book offers a fresh appreciation of the personal vision and individual artistry in Christiane Rochefort’s novelistic fiction. Dividing Rochefort’s work into three groups and focusing on voice as an essential structural element in the writer’s work, Paine traces thematic and stylistic development as she analyses the complexity and subtlety in Rochefort’s fictional representation of characters, language, attitudes, tensions, and intentions. Christiane Rochefort and the Dialogic examines Rochefort’s later narratives as examples of the recent trend toward hybridization of the novelistic genre into what has been labeled «autofiction» and includes a scholarly analysis of texts that until now have remained obscure, misunderstood, and underappreciated.