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Educators, Therapists, and Artists on Reflective Practice


Julia Gentleman Byers and Michele Forinash

Educators, Therapists, and Artists on Reflective Practice is a dynamic interpretation of transformational learning in education and therapy that brings together writers from various disciplines to recount their common experiences of being changed by those whom they mentor and guide. This book demonstrates that the reward for revealing vulnerabilities is a truly human connection that expands the roles of teacher and student, as well as therapist and client. By exploring contemporary concepts in reciprocal learning, the authors challenge and inspire their readers to examine their own engagement in the process of lifelong transformative learning.
Contents: Martha McKenna: Foreword – Julia J. Gentleman Byers/Michele Forinash: Pentimento – Julia J. Gentleman Byers: Inspiration – Jane Utley Adelizzi: The Artistry of Teaching and Learning – Pamela Post: The Transformational Power of Stories: Hearing Another’s Truth Helps Me to Understand Mine – John Woodall: The Language of Ethics in Group Transformation: Building an Inter-Religious Coalition of Bosnian Women – Ellen Ober: Breast Cancer as Training for Public Activism – Judith Beth Cohen: The Mermaid’s Legs, the Artist’s Hands, the Professor’s Assumptions – Francis A. Martin: Confessional Writing in the Process of Therapy: Our Shared Journey – Emily R. Ferrara: The Saving Grace of Vulnerability: Fostering Reflective Practice in Medical Students Through Creative Writing – Suzanne B. Hanser: Childbirth, Childdeath – Caryl Beth Thomas: Moving Forward – Shannon Sherman: In Silence – Christine Novy: Creativity as Counterplot – Lisa Martino: Catching My Breath: The Challenge of Finding Connection – Michele Forinash: The Inspiration Continues.