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News in Public Memory

An International Study of Media Memories across Generations


Ingrid Volkmer

News in Public Memory brings together a team of international experts to investigate the media-transmitted history of the twentieth century as it exists in the memories and minds of people living in diverse cultures across the globe. This book compares media-related childhood memories across three generations in nine countries. Results reveal that events of the past century are not only historical «facts» but have become substantial elements of a new global collective memory that has been integrated into generational identity worldwide. The global approach of this research encourages the idea that the world is an interconnected whole, but it also helps to advance a better understanding of the different perceptions of global and local news as they emerge from various cultural angles and geographical regions.
Contents: Ingrid Volkmer: Preface – Ingrid Volkmer: Introduction – Christina Slade: Australia – Theo Hug: Austria – Jan Jirák: Czech Republic – Gebhard Rusch/Ingrid Volkmer: Germany – Keval J. Kumar: India – Reiko Sekiguchi: Japan – Margarita Maass/Daniela Rivera/Andres Hofman: Mexico – Ruth Teer-Tomaselli: South Africa – Matthew D. Payne/Jill Dianne Swenson/Thomas W. Bohn: USA – Christina Slade: Perceptions and Memories of the Media Context – Keval J. Kumar/Theo Hug/Gebhard Rusch: Construction of Memory – Ruth Teer-Tomaselli: Memory and Markers: Collective Memory and Newsworthiness – Ingrid Volkmer: Globalization, Generational Entelechies and the Global Public Space.