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Academy and the Internet


Helen Nissenbaum and Monroe E. Price

This book explores the impact of the Internet on scholarly research across and beyond the social sciences. The contributors – leading figures in a broad spectrum of disciplines – explain how their fields of inquiry are being redefined, and what issues of social change are salient as new information technologies increasingly become the subject of scholarly analysis. They have rendered a conceptual photograph of how their disciplines are coping with the impact of information technology by covering policy approaches, empirical research, and theoretical questions. Academy & the Internet highlights significant zones of inquiry and provides a critical perspective on the direction each discipline is traveling.
Contents: Helen Nissenbaum/Monroe E. Price: Introduction – Roy Rosenzweig: How Will the Net’s History Be Written? Historians and the Internet – Paul DiMaggio/Eszter Hargittai/W. Russell Neuman/John P. Robinson: Social Implications of the Internet – Daniel Miller/Don Slater/Lucy Suchman: Antropology – Doris A. Graber/Bruce Bimber/ W. Lance Bennett/Richard Davis/Pippa Norris: The Internet and Politics: Emerging Perspectives – Paul A. David: Economists and the Net: Problems of Policy for a Telecommunications Anomaly – Deborah G. Johnson: Computer Ethics – Nicholas W. Jankowski/Kirsten Foot/ Philip N. Howard/Steve Jones/Robin Mansell/Steve Schneider/Roger Silverstone: The Internet and Communiction Studies – Mette Hjort: Aesthetic Approaches to the Internet and New Media – Viktor Mayer-Schönberger: Cyberlaw Discourses: An Analytic Framework – Niva Elkin-Koren: The Internet and Copyright Policy Discourse – Jack Linchuan Qiu/Joseph Man Chan: China Internet Studies: A Review of the Field – Christian Sandvig/Stefaan Verhulst: Internet and Public Policy in Comparative Perspective.