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Leaders of the Pack

Polls and Case Studies of Great Supreme Court Justices


William D. Pederson and Norman W. Provizer

Greatness and leadership are two ideas that often intersect, especially in the imagery of leading the pack of more than one hundred Supreme Court justices. Despite differences in interpretation, there are points of agreement concerning the names of the most remarkable people who have been and are the leaders of the pack. This book clarifies constitutional law and the history of America’s highest bench by exploring the personalities and times of sixteen justices, from John Marshall to Sandra Day O’Connor and William H. Rehnquist.
Contents: Sherman G. Finesilver/Norman W. Provizer: Prelude – Robert C. Bradley: Selecting and Ranking Great Justices: Poll Results – Norman W. Provizer: John Marshall: The Supreme Court’s Louis Armstrong – Danny M. Adkison: Joseph Story and a National System of Law – William D. Pederson/Frank J. Williams: Roger B. Taney: A Jacksonian Chief Justice Who Favored «Dixie» on the Bench – Linda Przybyszewski: John Marshall Harlan the Elder: Color-Blind Justice – James Chowning Davies: Oliver Wendell Holmes: The Evolution of a Great Justice – Stephen K. Shaw: Louis D. Brandeis: The Justice as Prophet and Teacher – James B. Staab: Benjamin Nathan Cardozo: Striking a Balance Between Stability and Progress – Henry J. Abraham: Hugo L. Black: Constitutional Literalist and Absolutist – Dennis J. Coyle: Felix Frankfurter: Constitutionalist Progressive – James Chowning Davies: William O. Douglas: A Judge for the 21st Century – John R. Vile: Charles Evans Hughes: An Eighteenth Century Statesman Redivivus – Theodore M. Vestal: Harlan Fiske Stone: New Deal Prudence – Norman W. Provizer/Joseph D. Vigil: Earl Warren: Justice as Fairness – Rodney A. Grunes: William J. Brennan, Jr. and Human Dignity – Barbara A. Perry: William H. Rehnquist and the Conservative Counterrevolution – Neil T. Erwin: Justice Sandra Day O’Connor: Tall in the Saddle – David Schultz: Why No More Giants on the Supreme Court: The Personalities and the Times.