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Whole Language Teaching, Whole-Hearted Practice

Looking Back, Looking Forward


Monica Taylor

This seminal collection brings together the multiple perspectives of whole language educators over the course of the past thirty-five years. The essays illustrate the complex ways in which whole language teachers have been and continue to be political activists through their interactions with students; the teachers’ beliefs about teaching, learning, and curriculum; their commitment to critical thinking and social justice; their collaborative engagements with other teachers; their role as leaders of change in schools and communities; and, finally, their activism in society. Although many believe that we are living in a climate where the term «whole language» is considered taboo, the contributors to this book demonstrate hopefulness for the future of whole language: as Yetta and Ken Goodman write in the concluding chapter, «whole language is alive and well.»
Contents: Monica Taylor: Whole Language Teaching Is Wholehearted Activism – Debra Goodman: The Whole Language Movement in Detroit: A Teacher’s Story: Part One – Debra Goodman: The Whole Language Movement in Detroit: A Teacher’s Story: Part Two – Carole F. Stice/Nancy P. Bertrand/Maryann Manning: A Brief History of Whole Language and the Winter Workshops: From Miscue Analysis to Liberatory Pedagogy – Monica Taylor/Gennifer Otinsky: Whole Language Nurtures Social Justice Inquiry – M. Tamzin Sawyer: All I Remember Is That It Was Fun – Lian-Ju Lee/Wen-Yun Lin: Whole Language in Taiwan – Denny Taylor: The Politics and Passion of How Johnny Should Read – Yetta and Ken Goodman: Whole Language: Alive and Well.