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Ambiguity in the Western Mind

Craig J. N. de Paulo, Patrick Messina and Marc Stier

Ambiguity in the Western Mind includes a collection of essays by internationally renowned scholars such as John D. Caputo, Camille Paglia, Jaroslav Pelikan and Roland Teske along with a preface by Joseph Margolis, all taking up the question of the significance of ambiguity in Western thought. This engaging topic will be of interest to scholars and students alike from across the disciplines. Tracing the conceptual relevance of ambiguity historically and through some of the great books that have formed Western consciousness, this volume is a major contribution to the contemporary discussion surrounding this controversial notion, especially as a hermeneutical concept for interpreting the classics.
Contents: Craig J.N. de Paulo: Foreword – Joseph Margolis: Preface – Craig J.N. de Paulo/Patrick Messina/Marc Stier: Introduction – John D. Caputo: In Praise of Ambiguity – Robert Guay: Tragic Ambiguity in the Oedipus Tyrannos – Marc Stier: Is Socrates a Model? Ambiguity in the Symposium of Plato – Roland J. Teske, S.J.: Augustine of Hippo on Seeing with the Eyes of the Mind – Craig J.N. de Paulo: St. Augustine’s Phenomenology of Confusion – John M. Haas: Prudence in St. Thomas Aquinas: Certitude in Ambiguity – Camille Paglia: «Stay, illusion»: Ambiguity in Hamlet – Jaroslav Pelikan: Leo Tolstoy, Russia’s Greatest Heretic – Arthur Grugan: Hölderlin’s Der Tod des Empedokles: Erste Fassung – Elizabeth Morgan: Paddling Against Ethics: Huck Finn as Moral Quagmire – Bruce Lapenson: Exploring Ambiguities in the Political Implications of Freud – Elizabeth Kaufer Busch: Ambiguities in Nietzschean Philosophy: Problems for Feminism – Marc Stier: An Afterthought on Ambiguity.