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Learning in Places

The Informal Education Reader


Zvi Bekerman, Nicholas C. Burbules and Diana Silberman-Keller

Learning in Places is a concerted effort undertaken by an outstanding group of international researchers to create a resource book that can introduce academic, professional and lay readers to the field of informal learning/education and its potential to transform present educational thinking. The book presents a wealth of ideas from a wide variety of disciplinary fields and methodological approaches covering multiple learning landscapes – in museums, workplaces, classrooms, places of recreation – in a variety of political, social and cultural contexts around the world. Learning in Places presents the most recent theoretical advances in the field; analyzing the social, cultural, political, historical and economical contexts within which informal learning develops and must be critiqued. It also looks into the epistemology that nourishes its development and into the practices that characterize its implementation; and finally reflects on the variety of educational contexts in which it is practiced.
Contents: Zvi Bekerman/Nicholas C. Burbules/Diana Silberman-Keller: Introduction – Mark K. Smith: Beyond the Curriculum: Fostering Associational Life in Schools – Doris Ash/Gordon Wells: Dialogic Inquiry in Classroom and Museum: Actions, Tools, and Talk – Shelley Goldman: A New Angle on Families: Connecting the Mathematics of Life with School Mathematics – Glynda A. Hull/James G. Greeno: Identity and Agency in Nonschool and School Worlds – Honorine Nocon/Michael Cole: School's Invasion of «After-School»: Colonization, Rationalization, or Expansion of Access? – Maureen A. Callanan/Gregory Braswell: Parent-Child Conversations about Science and Literacy: Links between Formal and Informal Learning – Ashley E. Maynard/Patricia M. Greenfield: Cultural Teaching and Learning: Processes, Effects, and Development of Apprenticeship Skills – Daniel Schugurensky: «This Is Our School of Citizenship»: Informal Learning in Local Democracy – Sally Duensing: Culture Matters: Informal Science Centers and Cultural Contexts – D. W. Livingstone: Informal Learning: Conceptual Distinctions and Preliminary Findings – Zvi Bekerman: «Dancing with Words»: Narratives on Informal Education – Diana Silberman-Keller: Images of Time and Place in the Narrative of Nonformal Pedagogy – Nicholas C. Burbules: Self-Educating Communities: Collaboration and Learning through the Internet – Ray McDermott: Situating Genius.