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Gateways to Spirituality

Pre-School through Grade Twelve


Peter Cobb

Gateways to Spirituality: Pre-School through Grade Twelve focuses on spiritual formation in American pre-collegiate education. Its fifteen contributors advance distinctive views about the connections that exist between spirituality, learning, social and ethical consciousness, and community life. The book will be useful to educators who wish to acknowledge youth spirituality in ways that are informed, fair, constitutional, and inclusive. School administrators, teachers, counselors, and chaplains who are interested in issues of liberal education and spirituality, who wish to take religious diversity and spiritual identity seriously, and who offer courses in religious studies will find Gateways to Spirituality an invaluable resource.
Contents: Peter W. Cobb: Introduction – Catherine Powell: Pre-School Spirituality: Children’s Gifts and Our Response – Amanda Millay Hughes: In Search of Attributes: Exploring the Potential of Sacred Objects in Teaching and Learning about World Religions – Arthur J. Schwartz: Spiritual Giftedness: Identifying and Measuring «Religious Genius» – Rachael Kessler: Passage Ways: A Model for Fostering the Spiritual Development of Students and Teachers in Schools – Sister Ramona Bascom, O.P: The Net of Faith: Religious Studies, Campus Ministry, and Christian Service in a Religious Secondary School – Meera S. Viswanathan: Resurrecting the Spirit: Acknowledging the Inner Life in the World of Boarding Schools – Manish K. Mishra: Rethinking High School World Religions: Pedagogical Options for Addressing Ethical and Cultural Relativism – Timothy L. Morehouse: Pilgrims and Pilgrimage: A Thematic Introduction for Secondary School Students to the Study of Religion – Mark Rigg: In Our End Is Our Beginning – John J. Roberts: Walking the Talk: The Classroom as Spirituality Workshop – Warren A. Nord: Religion, Spirituality, and Education in a (Not Entirely) Secular Culture – Matthew Hicks: Freedom for Narcissus, Too: Liberating the Spiritual Dimension of the Religious Student – Jonathan Vinson: Religion in the Public Schools: Released Time Reconsidered – Eboo Patel: Interfaith Service-Learning – Patricia M. Lyons: God’s Autograph: Taking the Soul Seriously in the Classroom – Ann M. Thurber: Conclusion.