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Spirituality, Action, & Pedagogy

Teaching from the Heart


Diana Denton and Will Ashton

Spirituality, Action, & Pedagogy: Teaching from the Heart invites the reader to participate in a personal exploration of what it means to consciously seek the heart of education. The authors in this collection – practitioners in higher education and teaching in such diverse areas as educational foundations, communication, theater, sociology, reading and literacy, and performance studies – respond to this challenge by striking the most personal chords of their lived experience. As they relate their tales of spirituality and teaching, the reader will be coaxed into confronting the question of what it means to teach. Spirituality, Action, & Pedagogy addresses the integration of spirituality into pedagogical practice by providing cutting-edge examples of applications in classroom settings.
Contents: Diana Denton/Will Ashton: Introduction: Teaching from the Heart – Tony Arduini: The Songbird in the Superstore: How the Spirit Enters the Classroom – John T. Warren/Deanna L. Fassett: Spiritually Drained and Sexually Denied: Sketching an Engaged Pedagogy – Robert Hostetter: From the Heart of the Heart of Learning – Cathy Toll: Unceasing Change Turns the Wheel of Life – Will Ashton: Tale of a Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Maria Schmeeckle: Inner Calm, Holistic Human Beings, and Life Purpose – Peninnah Schram: Learning Wisdom from the Jewish Oral Tradition – Whitney Hoth: Local Teaching: The Spirit of Place – Andrew Houston: The Spirit of the Real in Theatre Education – Denise A. Menchaca: Healing Susto: Fragments of Postcritical Pedagogy – Celeste N. Snowber: Leaning Absolutes: Honoring the Detours in Our Lives – Diana Denton: The Heart’s Geography: Compassion as Practice – Christopher N. Poulos: Spirited Teaching: A Pedagogy of Courage.