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Readings on Sex, Pornography, and the Internet


Dennis D. Waskul

Sex has shaped the Internet from the very beginning. In the process, the Internet has also brought about a plethora of new sexual possibilities, opened new markets for the entrepreneurs of pornography, challenged the boundaries of social institutions, exposed precarious moral dynamics, and created a novel arena for asking important questions about the people who may or may not be grounded in this emerging matrix of computer-mediated meaning. This book takes stock of these changes. Drawing from some of the most notable works written on the subject and original contributions from experts in the field, Net.SeXXX explores the dynamics of Internet sex, entertains implications and consequences, critically examines key conclusions, and raises new questions.
Contents: Dennis D. Waskul: Introduction: Sex and the Internet: Old Thrills in a New World; New Thrills in an Old World – Dennis D. Waskul/Mark Douglass/Charles Edgley: Outercourse: Body and Self in Text Cybersex – Dennis D. Waskul: The Naked Self: Body and Self in Televideo Cybersex – Claudia Springer: Electronic Eros: Bodies and Desire in the Postindustrial Age – Phillip Vannini: Così Fan Tutti: Foucault, Goffman, and the Pornographic Synopticon – Joel Powell Dahlquist/Lee Garth Vigilant: Way Better Than Real: Manga Sex to Tentacle Hentai – Donna M. Hughes: The Use of New Communications and Information Technologies for Sexual Exploitation of Women and Children – Keith F. Durkin: The Internet as a Milieu for the Management of a Stigmatized Sexual Identity – Jim Thomas: Cyberpoaching behind the Keyboard: Uncoupling the Ethics of «Virtual Infidelity» – Naomi McCormick/John Leonard: Gender and Sexuality in the Cyberspace Frontier – Lauren Langman: Grotesque Degradation: Globalization, Carnivalization, and Cyberporn – Erica Owens: Race, Sexual Attractiveness, and Internet Personal Advertisements – Taylor Marsh: My Year in Smut: Inside Danni’s Hard Drive – Lewis Perdue: EroticaBiz: How Sex Shaped the Internet – Stephen C. Roberds: Technology, Obscenity, and the Law: A History of Recent Efforts to Regulate Pornography on the Internet – Howard Rheingold: Teledildonics: Reach Out and Touch Someone – Trudy Barber: A Pleasure Prophecy: Predictions for the Sex Tourist of the Future.