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What Difference Does Research Make and for Whom?


Françoise Bodone

Education is a discipline that is constantly emerging, and for which there are more questions than answers. Beyond the research reports, the articles in refereed journals, and the well-crafted presentations, what is happening in education? What difference does our work make in the lives of those we research? How is education as a whole different because of our effort? And what is the nature of the difference we make? This book provides some answers to those questions based on engaged and critical research from around the world. It is also a critical reflection on new possibilities for qualitative research, its implications and relevance to educational practice. Andrew Hargreaves, Enora Brown, Graham Hingagaroa Smith, Jack Whitehead, Mutindi Mumbua, Andrew Gitlin, Phil Carspecken, and others invite readers to join the conversation, and take it beyond these pages by enriching and extending the discourse within their communities of practice.
Contents: Françoise Bodone: Introduction: Why Make a Difference? – Phil F. Carspecken: The Social Relevance of Critical Ethnography – Graham Hingangaroa Smith: Beyond Political Literacy: From Conscientization to Transformative Praxis – Mary C. Dalmau: Asking Powerful Questions: Seeking Powerful Action – Enora R. Brown: Decentering Dominant Discourses in Education: The Emancipatory Possibilities of Our Work – Jack Whitehead: Living Educational Theories and Multimedia Forms of Representation – Jerome Allender: The Practical and Scholarly Value of the Self-Study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices – Andrew Gitlin/Mary D. Burbank/Don Kauchak: The Struggle for Legitimate Knowledge: Teachers’ Thinking on Research – Andy Hargreaves/Shawn Moore: Voice, Nostalgia, and Teachers’ Experiences of Change – John Smyth: Policy Research and «Damaged Teachers»: Towards an Epistemologically Respectful Paradigm – Hafdís Gudjónsdóttir: Researching with Teachers: Making Responsive Professional Practice Visible (and Viable) – Sarah Fletcher: Research Mentoring: The Missing Link in Educational Research – Yolanda M. Wattsjohnson: Articulating Knowledge for Transformation – Lynn Butler-Kisber: The Potential of Artful Analysis and Portrayals in Qualitative Inquiry – Mutindi Mumbua Kiluva-Ndunda: Reciprocity in Research: A Retrospective Look at My Work with Kilome Women – Françoise Bodone: I Am, You Are, We Become: Sustained Relationality in Practice, Research, and Policy – Russell Bishop: Changing Power Relations in Education: Kaupapa Mäori Messages for «Mainstream» Education in Aotearoa/New Zealand – Françoise Bodone/Mary C. Dalmau: Acting in a World Unveiled.