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Exploring Religious Community Online

We are One in the Network


Heidi Campbell

Exploring Religious Community Online is the first comprehensive study of the development and implications of online communities for religious groups. This book investigates religious community online by examining how Christian communities have adopted internet technologies, and looks at how these online practices pose new challenges to offline religious community and culture.

«Based on an ambitious field study of internet-based religious community, this book breaks new ground both conceptually and methodologically. It is a must-read for those interested in deepening our understanding of religion in the digital age.» (Stewart M. Hoover, Professor, University of Colorado)
«It used to be that people sent prayers skyward. Now they use the internet. Heidi Campbell does an impressive job of showing how people find religion online and offline. And when people go online, religion changes. People are weaving together a variety of religious experiences. They’re creating a networked personal religion instead of belonging to only one denomination and congregation.» (Barry Wellman, Professor and Director, NetLab, University of Toronto)