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Communication Ethics, Media, and Popular Culture


Phyllis M. Japp, Mark Meister and Debra K. Japp

Popular culture provides a daily catalog of cultural attitudes, values, and practices. From television sitcoms to the daily news, from the theater to the sports stadium, we observe embodiments and enactments of character, virtue, honesty, and integrity (or lack thereof) in situations we find understandable, if not familiar. The essays in this volume address popular mediated constructions of ethical and unethical communication in news, sports, advertising, film, television, and the internet. Emphasis is on the consumption of popular culture messages, as well as how auditors make moral sense out of what they read, hear, and observe.
Contents: Phyllis M. Japp/Mark Meister/Debra K. Japp: Communication Ethics, Media, and Popular Culture: An Introduction – Jeffery L. Bineham: The Construction of Ethical Codes in the Discourse and Criticism of Popular Culture – Phyllis M. Japp: Representation as Ethical Discourse: Communicating with and about Mediated Popular Culture – Mark Meister: Leopold’s Land Ethic: Environmental Ethics and Sustainable Advertising – Jeffery L. Bineham: Tragedy and Comedy as Ethical Responses to John Rocker – Paula S. Tompkins: Is There More to Ethics than the Prime Directive? Personal Integrity in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager – Jon A. Hess/Joy Piazza: Public and Relational Communication Ethics in Political Communication: Integrity, Secrecy, and Dialogue in The Contender – Jennifer McGee: «In the End, It’s All Made Up»: The Ethics of Fanfiction and Real Person Fiction – Dan T. Molden: Eminem and the Rhetoric of «Real»: The Implications of «Keeping It Real» on Ethics and Credibility – Scott Titsworth/ Jeffery St. John: (Re)Constructing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall: Ethical Choicemaking and the Construction of Self in Online Popular Culture – Diana L. Rehling: When You Lie with Friends – Greg Carlson: You Are Forgiven: Interpersonal and Familial Ethics in the Films of Wes Anderson – Debra K. Japp: Judge Judy and Dr. Phil: Advice with an Attitude.