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When «Minorities are Strongly Encouraged to Apply»

Diversity and Affirmative Action in Higher Education- With a Foreword by Christine Sleeter


Darrell Cleveland

Each year, graduates of Ph.D. programs and faculty across the country prepare to enter positions at universities across the country. Included in many job announcements is the phrase «Minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.» In this phrase, the question for many individuals is, «Who/what is considered a minority?» In most cases, the term «minority» only means people of color. This book highlights the experiences of various minority doctoral students pursuing Ph.D.s and junior faculty members across the country who have successfully navigated the academy by securing employment, tenure, and promotion despite the hurdles that cause many to avoid or leave academia altogether. This book will help administrators and faculty face the challenge of recruiting and retaining minority students and faculty as they complete their Ph.D.s and gain tenure.
Contents: Christine E. Sleeter: Foreword – Darrell Cleveland: Introduction: Does «Minority» Mean Individuals Who Have No «Power»? – Anand R. Marri: No «Browning» Here: Finding a Place in the Academy While Playing Within the Rules – Silvia C. Bettez/Janet Kier Lopez/Margarita Machado-Casas: «Hermandad» (Sisterhood): Latinas in Higher Education – David Z. Williams: Supervised by the Majority: Understanding the Cultural Needs of Graduate Students of Color – Robin Vann Lynch: Mentoring Across Race: Case Studies of African American Students in a Predominantly White Institution of Higher Education – Berta Vigil Laden: Faculty of Color: Positive or Negative Experiences in the Academy? – Bernadette Marie Calafell: «Your Education Wipes Out Your Ethnicity»: A «White» Woman of Color in the Classroom: The Turn to a Personal Voice – Sheila Wright/Juliet Dinkha: Gendered Reality, Professional Identity, and Women of Color in Higher Education – Patricia S. Parker: Always at Risk? African American Women Faculty, Graduate Students, and Undergraduates – Robin L. Hughes: Two Degrees of Separation and the Good Old Professors’ Network: Ivory Tower Tales – Kevin Cokley: Teaching about the Psychology of Race and Racism: Lessons Learned – Willie J. Heggins III: Scholars in Transition: Socialization of the «Duality» of Teaching and Research in Academe – Paula Groves Price: Where Am I in the Curriculum? Critical Multiculturalism, Multiraciality, and the Power of Story – Art Munin/Deborah Schmidt-Rogers: Improving the Campus Environment for Bi/Multiracial Students – Rhoda Olkin: Persons with Disabilities: Especially Encouraged to Apply? – Donald Daughtry: Should I Just Tell Them I Can’t Find the Door? Disability: A Silent Voice – Carmelita (Rosie) Castaneda: Stranger in a Familiar Land – Mark A. Gooden/Stacy Downing: Affirmative Action – J. W. Wiley: Affirmative Actions at PWIs: Explicating the Glass as Half Full While Pouring Something They’re More Apt to Taste – Rashne Jehangir: In Search of Place: Using Case Studies to Create. Counter-Hegemonic Spaces in Higher Education – Paul Pitre: Why Scholars of Color Must Rescue the American College: Multicultural Leadership in a Time of Change – Nancy Dome/Anne Rene Elsbree/Elizabeth «Sugar» Martinez/Moses Keya Ochanji/Pat Stall: Minorities Apply, Get Hired, and Succeed for Tenure: One College of Education That Recruits and Supports a Diverse Faculty. With an introduction by Steve Lilly.