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Celebration of the Everyday

Translated by Renée Linkhorn- This book is not available for sale in France


Colette Nys-Mazure

This book is not available for sale in France.
Sometimes described as a «poetic essay», Celebration of the Everyday represents a confluence of genres. Written in prose, it possesses distinctive poetic qualities. It meets high intellectual standards, yet appeals to a broad readership. Colette Nys-Mazure proposes a certain «art of living», a search for the beauty and pleasures to be found in the simple things of everyday life, and also for the strength to cope with hardships and accept our mortality. Whether she speaks of joy or sorrow, love or misunderstanding, life or death, solitude or togetherness, travel, art, literature, or children, she invites us to view the «everyday» as we seldom take time to see it.