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Traditions, Standards, and Transformations

A Model for Professional Development School Networks

Jane E. Neapolitan, Thomas D. Proffitt and Cheryl L. Wittmann

This book tells the story of the Towson University, Maryland, Professional Development School Network, which serves more than eighty schools in metropolitan Baltimore and surrounding areas. It describes the development and implementation of state and national standards for professional development schools, accountability and sustainability issues, and impacts on the roles of faculty and teachers. This book is a source of advanced information for institutions that face the complexities of professional development school work for connecting policy with practice. The Towson project not only examines the «how to» of professional development schools but also examines some of the impacts on teaching and learning.
Contents: Terry R. Berkeley: Foreword – Thomas D. Proffitt/Maggie Madden/Cheryl L. Wittmann/Teresa T. Field: History and Development of the Towson Professional Development School Network – Lynn C. Cole/Bess Altwerger/Lisa Joy Greenberg/Jessica Wolf Rhoten: Becoming Teachers: The First Professional Development School Partnership in Maryland – Debi Gartland/Joyce E. Agness: Waverly Elementary School - Towson University Special Education Professional Development School – Cynthia Hartzler-Miller/Terri Wainwright: Defining Our Own Roles: Professional Renewal for Teachers and University Faculty – Gloria A. Neubert/James B. Binko/Sally J. McNelis: «You Want Us to Do What?» The Story of the Conversion of a Secondary Education Faculty to the Professional Development School Movement – Shelly S. Huggins/Todd Kenreich: Conquering Boundaries: Collaborating Between Two Distinct Districts – Pamela W. Morgan/Ann M. Eustis: Connecting Teacher Preparation and Continuing Professional Development: The Boundary Spanner’s Role – Gregory Bryant/Nechie Rochel King/Jane E. Neapolitan/Maggie Madden/Lauren Rifkin: Transforming Faculty Roles by Waving the Magic Wand – William A. Sadera/David R. Wizer/Lisa A. Newcomb: Technology Integration within a Teacher Education Program and a Professional Development School Network – Jane E. Neapolitan/Chet Scott: The NCATE Professional Development School Standards Field Test Project – Terry R. Berkeley/Pamela W. Morgan: Afterword.