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Practical Wisdom

On Theological Teaching and Learning

Malcolm Warford

Contemporary theological education is facing profound changes. Fundamental shifts in both church and society have established a volatile context for theological teaching and learning. Seminaries are struggling with the growing diversity of their students, faculties, and institutional commitments. This book addresses these issues both contextually and historically, engages the nature of theological teaching and learning, and offers educational practices that strengthen the vocation of teaching and enhance the school as a place of conversation.
Contents: Malcolm L. Warford: Introduction – Raymond Brady Williams: The Vocation of Teaching: Beyond the Conspiracy of Mediocrity – Victor Klimoski: Evolving Dynamics of Formation – Gretchen E. Ziegenhals: Faculty Life and Seminary Culture: It’s About Time and Money – Stephen Ellingson: From Cordiality to Candor: An Ethnographic Study of a Faculty Forming Its Life Together – Jane Shaw: The Seminary Dispersed: Theological Teaching in a Changing World – Glenn T. Miller: Historical Influences on Seminary Culture – Jerry L. Sumney: Do Not Be Conformed to This Age: Biblical Understandings of Ministerial Leadership – Samuel Escobar: What Is the Ministry toward Which We Teach? – Mary-Ann Winkelmes: Formative Learning in the Classroom – Garth M. Rosell: Engaging Issues in Course Development – Richard W. Nysse: Online Education: An Asset in a Period of Educational Change – Diamond Cephus: Rehabilitating Prejudice: Framing Issues of Diversity in Theological Education – Gordon T. Smith: Faculties That Listen, Schools That Learn: Assessment in Theological Education.