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Structural Phenomenology

An Empirically-Based Model of Consciousness

Steven Ravett Brown

This book represents a major step forward in the philosophy of mind. Steven Ravett Brown makes an important contribution to the field of naturalized phenomenology by developing a «structural phenomenology» model based on contemporary studies of gestalts and attention. This model clearly and explicitly brings scientific data to bear upon the nature of conscious experience. Synthesizing empirical data from several fields, Brown provides a phenomenological analysis of structural components of intentionality, a reconsideration of functional processes of gestalts, and a reformulation and indepth analysis of higher-order processing and the «tip of the tongue» meta-cognitive phenomenon. The unique importance of this book lies in its providing an explanatory tool that can predict as well as elucidate mental phenomena. It demands attention from all philosophers, psychologists, and neuroscientists engaged in research into the mental.