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Troubling the Canon of Citizenship Education

George H. Richardson and David W. Blades

The discourse of civic education privileges liberal democratic understandings of citizenship. Yet we know that such understandings do not accurately represent the complex, plural, and problematic nature of citizenship in contemporary society. To stimulate discussion about new possibilities for teaching citizenship, this volume brings together the work of Canadian and American curriculum scholars to «trouble» the existing canon of citizenship education. Addressing themes as diverse as gender, sexual orientation, globalization, agency, ontology, and interdisciplinarity, the essays that make up this collection seek to enlarge and expand upon the ways educators, curriculum developers, and policymakers might approach teaching citizenship.
Contents: David W. Blades/George H. Richardson: Introduction: Troubling the Canon of Citizenship Education – Alan M. Sears/Emery J. Hyslop-Margison: The Cult of Citizenship Education – Terrance R. Carson: The Lonely Citizen: Democracy, Curriculum, and the Crisis of Belonging – Yvonne Hébert/Lori Wilkinson: Diversity and Democratic Values: Implications for Public Policy – Jennifer Tupper: Education and the (Im)Possibilities of Citizenship – Hans Smits: «Weak Ontology» as a Way of Reenchanting Citizenship in the Social Studies: A Memo with Some Random Notes – Jyoti Mangat: Watch This [White] Space: Canadian Students Interrogating Citizenship and Identity – Ingrid Johnston: Dislocating the Dominant Narratives of Citizenship in English Language Arts – Kent den Heyer: Defining Presence as Agents of Social Life and Change – Lori B. Macintosh/Lisa W. Loutzenheiser: Queering Citizenship – William F. Pinar: From Chattel to Citizenry: The Gender of the Law in the Sexual Politics of Race – David W. Blades/George H. Richardson: Restarting the Interrupted Discourse of the Public Good: Global Citizenship Eduction as Moral Imperative – David Geoffrey Smith: Troubles with the Sacred Canopy: Global Citizenship in a Season of Great Untruth.