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French-Speaking Women Documentarians

A Guide


Janis Pallister and Ruth Hottell

French-Speaking Women Documentarians is a guide for teachers of French and others interested in selecting and researching the work of female French-speaking documentarians. Represented in this book are filmmakers from Canada, various African nations, the Antilles, Lebanon, Switzerland, Belgium, and several other countries, with emphasis on Agnès Varda of France – arguably the greatest female documentarian of all. The book includes information on each filmmaker, classified by country of origin, and lists and describes her works, giving factual information such as date, duration, credits, and synopses, and pointing out critical treatments, both in English and in French, of her most important films. Shorts, docudramas, and works of animation are also discussed, as they, too, reflect history and culture. This guide will lead to the viewing of films that shed understanding on the culture being portrayed and to a greater appreciation of the contribution of French-speaking women filmmakers to this important, if not always objective, film genre.