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Digital Media

Transformations in Human Communication

Paul Messaris and Lee Humphreys

In this must-have new anthology, top media scholars explore the leading edge of digital media studies to provide a broad, authoritative survey of the study of the field and a compelling preview of future developments. This book is divided into five key areas – video games, digital images, the electronic word, computers and music, and new digital media – and offers an invaluable guide for students and scholars alike.
Contents: Paul Messaris/Lee Humphreys: Introduction – Julianne H. Newton: Influences of Digital Imaging on the Concept of Photographic Truth – Paul Messaris: Viewers’ Awareness of Digital F/X in Movies – Stephen Prince: The End of Digital Special Effects – Lee Humphreys: Photographs and the Presentation of Self through Online Dating Services – David Perlmutter: Hypericons: Famous News Images in the Internet-Digital-Satellite Age – Lemi Baruh: Music Of My Own? The Transformation from Usage Rights to Usage Privileges in Digital Media – Rodney Whittenberg: Using Computers to Create Music – Timothy D. Taylor: Music + Digital Culture: New Forms of Consumption and Commodification – Jonathan Sterne: What’s Digital in Digital Music? – Mark J. Butler: «Everybody Needs a 303, Everybody Loves a Filter»: electronic Dance Music and the Aesthetics of Obsolescence – Paul Levinson: The Hazards of Always Being in Touch: A Walk on the Dark Side with the Cell Phone – Kwan Min Lee: Phenomenological Understanding of Social Responses to Synthesized Speech – Barbara Warnick: Rhetoric on the Web – Sidney E. Berger: The Future of Publishing in the Digital Age – Alex Brymer Humphreys: The Past, Present, and Future of Immersive and Extractive E-books – James Paul Gee: Learning by Design: Good Video Games as Learning Machines – Mark J. P. Wolf: On the Future of Video Games – Jennifer Stromer-Galley/Rosa Leslie Mikeal: Gaming Pink: Gender and Structure in The Sims Online – C. Shawn Green/Daphne Bavelier: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Video Games – John L. Sherry: Would the Great and Mighty Oz Play Doom?: A Look Behind the Curtain of Violent Video Game Research – Annie Lang: Motivated Cognition: The Influence of Appetitive and Aversive Activation on the Processing of Video Games – Jeremy N. Bailenson: Transformed Social Interaction in Collaborative Virtual Environments – Margaret L. McLaughlin: Simulating the Sense of Touch in Virtual Environments: Applications to Learning in the Health Sciences – Jeffrey Huang: Inhabitable Interfaces – Geri Gay: The Role of Social Navigation and Context in Ubiquitous Computing – Cory D. Kidd: Human-Robot Interaction Recent Experiments and Future Work – Sherry Turkle/Cynthia Breazeal/Olivia Dasté/Brian Scassellati: First Encounters with Kismet and Cog: Children Respond to Relational Artifacts.