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Internet Research Annual

Selected Papers from the Association of Internet Researchers Conference 2005, Volume 4


Mia Consalvo and Caroline Haythornthwaite

The Association of Internet Researchers conference is the highlight of the year for researchers involved in the cross-disciplinary field of Internet studies. It brings together scholars from around the world to meet and exchange ideas and research on the impact of the world-wide phenomenon of the Internet. The Annual, now in its fourth year, brings highlights from the contributions made at the 2005 conference held in Chicago, Illinois. Included is the full text of keynote speeches, given by Saskia Sassen, Sonia Livingstone, and Ang Peng Hwa, and a select set of papers drawn from the conference submissions.
Contents: Mia Consalvo/Caroline Haythornthwaite: Introduction – Susanna Paasonen: Family Romance? Generation, Kinship, and Internet Research – Peng-Hwa Ang: The UN and Internet Governance: Fears, Hopes and Possibilities – Lisbeth Klastrup/Pia Svejgaard Pedersen: Blogging for Election: The Use and Function of Blogs as a Communication Tool in a Danish Parliament Election Campaign – Alla Genkina: Socially Aware Solutions to Motion Picture Piracy – Sonia Livingstone: Opportunities and Constraints Framing Children and Young People’s Internet Use – Malin Sveningsson Elm: Young Men’s Gender and Identity Work in a Swedish Web Community – David Fono/Kate Raynes-Goldie: Hyperfriendship and Beyond: Friends and Social Norms on LiveJournal – Sandra Harrison: Transgressions, Miscommunication and Flames: Problematic Incidents in email Discussions – Saskia Sassen: Digital Formations: The Intersection of Technical and Social Logics in Electronic Space – John Lannon: The Internet and Collective Consciousness: An Exploration of Spiritually Based Social Movements Online – Chheng-Hong Ho: Negotiating Motherhood Using ICTs in Taiwan-US Transnational Households – Florence Chee/Richard K. Smith: Online Gamers and the Ambiguity of Community: Korean Definitions of Togetherness for a New Generation – Klaus Bruhn Jensen/Rasmus Helles: The Silent Web - A Qualitative Study of Sound as Information and Communication in Websites – Suely Fragoso: Sampling the Web: Discussing Strategies for the Selection of Brazilian Websites for Quanti-qualitative Analysis.