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Teaching Together, Learning Together


Wolff-Michael Roth and Kenneth Tobin

Coteaching and cogenerative dialoguing are ways of learning to teach that truly bridge the gap between theory and praxis, as new teachers learn to teach alongside peers and more experienced teachers. These practices are also means of overcoming teacher isolation and burnout. Through cogenerative dialogue sessions, new and experienced teachers, university supervisors, researchers, and administrators are able to create local theory for the purpose of improving teaching and learning. In this book, contributors from four countries report on how coteaching and cogenerative dialoguing worked in their situation.
Contents: Wolff-Michael Roth/Kenneth Tobin: Introduction – Wolff-Michael Roth/Kenneth Tobin: Coteaching: from praxis to theory – Wolff-Michael Roth: Becoming like the other – Kenneth Tobin/Wolff-Michael Roth: Coteaching/cogenerative dialoguing in an urban science teacher preparation program – Jennifer Beers: The role of coteaching in the development of practices of an urban science teacher – Sarah-Kate LaVan: Cogenerating culturally and socially adaptive practices – Beth A. Wassell: Coteaching as a site for collaborative research – Kenneth Tobin: Exchanging the baton: exploring the co in coteaching – Donna Rigano/Stephen Ritchie/Trish Bell: Developing wisdom-in-practice through coteaching: a narrative account – Charles J. Eick/Frank Ware: Coteaching in a science methods course: an apprenticeship model for early induction to the secondary classroom – Colette Murphy/Jim Beggs: Coteaching as an approach to enhance science learning and teaching in primary schools – Kathryn Scantlebury: Gender issues in coteaching – Kenneth Tobin/Wolff-Michael Roth: Epilogue.