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Social Change in Diverse Teaching Contexts

Touchy Subjects and Routine Practices


Nancy G. Barron, Nancy M. Grimm and Sibylle Gruber

Assumptions based on racial, class, and ethnic identities can undermine our best intentions as teachers, administrators, and scholars. The misguided strategy of colorblindness and the continuing racial segregation of American cities and schools leave teachers and students with little experience for addressing the touchy subject of racial identity in the classroom. This collection, pertinent for teacher preparation, undergraduate and graduate seminars, and reading discussion groups, focuses on new and experienced teachers who confront myths, who negotiate their own identities as well as identity politics in the classroom, and who design new projects, use new tools, and apply new practices. The chapters highlight the need to change how teachers respond to student work, manage classroom interactions, form collaborative partnerships, construct service-learning projects, and conduct research.
Contents: Nancy G. Barron/Nancy M. Grimm/Sibylle Gruber: Social Change in Routine Practices – Nancy M. Grimm/Jill Arola: Reclaiming Hope: A Process Analysis of a Graduate Seminar Stalled on a Racial Dynamic – Helle Rytkønen: Whose Knowledge? How Race, Class, Religion, and Gender Intersect and Interfere with «Our» Intellectual Community – Nancy G. Barron: Digitized Identities, Real People, and the Need for New Keys: Reflections on Teaching, Learning, and Knowing – Kathryn Valentine: Noticing Disagreement: A Question-Based Approach to Reflecting on How Literary Practices Shape Identities – Amy Suzanne Johnson: Layering Experiences, Creating Points of Contact: An Autoethnographic Inquiry into Critically Reflective Teaching Narratives – Sibylle Gruber: Teaching within History’s Reach: Teacher Positionality, Student Identity, and Revised Classroom Practices – Dianna Rockwell Shank: «I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings»: Using Race as a Writing Prompt in a Composition Classroom – Karen Keaton Jackson: The Compositionist as «Other»: A Critical Self-Reflection of an Instructor of Color in an Urban Service-Learning Classroom – John Liang/Sydney Rice: Forging New Identities: A Journey of Collaboration between Native- and Nonnative-English-Speaking Educators – Sarah Innes: Literacy Myths, Literacy Identities: The Writing Center Regulates Institutional Constructions of Racial Identity – Cynthia L. Selfe/Gail E. Hawisher/Nichole Brown: The Cultural Ecology of Race and Technology – Karen Leong/Shelley Ruelas/Duane Roen: Changing Realities: A New Paradigm for the Multicultural University – Helen Fox: Social Change in Diverse Teaching Contexts: Touchy Subjects and Routine Practices.