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Searching for Spirituality in Higher Education

Bruce W. Speck and Sherry L. Hoppe

Searching for Spirituality in Higher Education brings together eclectic points of view on spirituality, drawing upon various theoretical perspectives to frame a discussion of spirituality in higher education. Following a comprehensive review of the current literature on spirituality, chapters examine the relationship between religion and spirituality and explore related legal issues. Subsequent theory chapters make no unified claims about the basis of spirituality, reflecting the speculative nature of an ethereal subject. The final section contains rich examples that explore ways to integrate spirituality in several academic disciplines as well as in student affairs. In its entirety, the book encompasses a comprehensive review of the salient issues related to spirituality in higher education. The volume will be useful in courses on religion, nursing, business, and the humanities.
Contents: Bruce W. Speck: Spirituality in Higher Education: A Literature Review – Christina Murphy: The Relationship between Religion and Spirituality – John Wesley Lowery: Spirituality and Higher Education Law – Dixie Dennis: Biological Basis of Spirituality – Al DeCiccio: Spirituality, the Professorate, and the Curriculum – Deborah M. Cady: Spirituality and Student Development – Sherry L. Hoppe: Spirituality and Higher Education Leadership – Robert J. Nash/DeMethra LaSha Bradley: Moral Conversation: A Theoretical Framework for Talking about Spirituality on College Campuses – Laurel Campbell: Art, Spirituality, and Teaching – William Jenkins: When Religious Beliefs Conflict with Assigned Readings in Literature – Rick Ostrander: Spirituality and the Discipline of History – Paul Brink: Recognizing Plurality, Promoting Civility: Religious Pluralism in the Political Science Classroom – Bryce E. Fox: Integrating Psychology and Christianity – David K. Scott: Science and Spirituality – Allen Pelletier: Religion and Spirituality in the Practice of Health Care – Moses L. Pava: The Strident Duet – Larry D. Burton/Constance C. Nwosu: Integrating Spirituality in Education Courses – Keith Garner: Campus Ministries – Elliott Ingersoll/Karsten Siebert: Practice in Student Affairs: Counseling – Diane Berty: Spirituality and Leadership Development in Student Affairs – David M. Eberhardt/Jon C. Dalton: Fostering Student Spiritual Development through Selected Student Affairs Practices – Bruce W. Speck/Sherry L. Hoppe: Spirituality in Higher Education: Directions for Future Research.