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Teaching City Kids

Understanding and Appreciating Them


Kecia Hayes and Joe L. Kincheloe

This book examines the maligned students who populate urban schools and finds a talented group of resilient young people who deserve the support of the larger society. The editors and authors explore the ways such students are undermined, in the process developing new ways of teaching based on an understanding and appreciation of them. Contemporary political leaders have used the fear of the poor, non-white, and immigrant «city kids» we study here to push racist and class-biased social and educational agendas. This book challenges these tactics, while laying out a pedagogy of respect and hope.
Contents: Joe L. Kincheloe: City Kids - Not the Kind of Students You’d Want to Teach – Rosalina Diaz: Latinas in Single-Sex Schools: An Historical Overview – Pepi Leistyna: How Multicultural Curriculum Development Often Misses the Mark – Richard D. Lakes: Urban Youth and Biographical Projects: Notes on Educational and Employment Transitions – Victor Goode/Jennifer D. Goode: De Facto Zero Tolerance: An Exploratory Study of Race and Safe School Violations – Rebecca A. Goldstein: Who You Think I Am Is Not Necessarily Who I Think I Am: The Multiple Positionalities of Urban Student Identities – Garret Albert Duncan/Ryonnel Jackson: Making a Way Out of No Way: Black Male Students at City High School – Marguerite V. Wyngaard: Culturally Responsive Pedagogies: African American High School Students’ Perspectives – Priya Parmar/Bryonn Bain: Spoken Word and Hip Hop: The Power of Urban Art and Culture – Korina M. Jocson: Urban Youth Engaging Poetry and Creating Learning Communities – Venus Evans-Winters: Urban African American Female Students and Educational Resiliency – Noel S. Anderson: «I Still Fear I’m Gonna Slip»: A Case Study of African American and Latino Males in an Urban College Preparation Program – kecia hayes: Appreciating the Landscape That Urban Youth of Color Must Navigate to Become Effective Social Actors in Our Civil Society – Handel Kashope Wright/Sidonia Alenuma: Race, Urban Schools, and Educational Reform: The Context, Utility, Pros, and Cons of the Magnet Example – Rochelle Brock: Becoming Whole Again through Critical Thought: A Recipe – Sally M. Reis/Thomas P. Hébert: Supporting Academic Achievement in Culturally Diverse and Academically Talented Urban Students – L. A. Gabay: Pedagogical Practices within the Prison Industrial Complex – Elizabeth Quintero: Multicultural Story: Learning from the Experts in Urban Neighborhoods – Ernest Morrell: Urban Students as Critical Ethnographers: Critical Textual Production through Community-Based Research – Winthrop R. Holder: Unplugged: Releasing the Creative Potentials of Urban Students.