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Theodoret of Cyrus on Romans 11:26

Recovering an Early Christian Elijah Redivivus Tradition


Joel A Weaver

Theodoret of Cyrus on Romans 11:26: Recovering an Early Christian Elijah Redivivus Tradition explores the interesting reading of Romans 11:26 offered by the fifth-century Antiochene bishop Theodoret of Cyrus, who states that «the Jews will believe when the excellent Elijah comes, bringing to them the doctrine of faith.» Surveying the diverse Elijah redivivus traditions of Middle Judaism and early Christianity, the author identifies the two main trajectories of Christian Elijah redivivus traditions that emerge. Theodoret’s application of one such tradition to Romans 11:26 is set within the framework of the modern debate on the salvation of Israel, allowing an ancient voice to speak to the modern scholarly divide.

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