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Discreteness, Continuity, and Consciousness

An Epistemological Unified Field Theory

Alan M. Laibelman

This volume is the third in elaboration of a self-consistent and comprehensive philosophical system comprising the areas of metaphysics (volume one), ethics (volume two), and epistemology (volume three). Consciousness is conceived as the principal transcendental agency bringing all of manifestation into existence. The current work focuses on methods of cognition: sensory representations, ratiocination, intuition, mystical revelation, and the parapsychological skills pertaining to telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. The discipline of psychophysics is conceived as the unifier for all modalities. There is developed both a qualitative and a quantitative mechanism for gaining knowledge. Knowledge accumulation was proposed in volume two to be the ethical goal of all lifeforms. The purpose toward which that goal is placed in service is in resolution of the metaphysical crisis detailed in volume one.