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Transnational Perspectives on Culture, Policy, and Education

Redirecting Cultural Studies in Neoliberal Times


Cameron McCarthy and Cathryn Teasley

As multinational elites vie for economic and cultural dominance, neoliberal socio-economic policies are, in effect, not only reconfiguring political economies, but the ways in which culture is being produced and represented. In light of the global impact of these forms of domination, this collection of informed international scholarship examines world-hegemonic engagements with culture in all spheres of contemporary cosmopolitan life: the personal, the public, the popular, and the institutional.
Contents: Cathryn Teasley/Cameron McCarthy: Introduction: Redirecting and resituating cultural studies in a globalizing world – Álvaro Pina: Freedom, community, and Raymond Williams’s project of a common culture – Susan Harewood: Manning the borders: Blackness, nationalisms, and popular culture – Teresa San Román: Relativism, racism, and philanthropy – Eduardo Terrén: Remaking civic coexistence: Immigration, religion and cultural diversity – Teun A. van Dijk: Elite discourse and institutional racism – Michael D. Giardina/Cameron McCarthy: The popular racial order of «urban» America: Sport, identity, and the politics of culture – Jin-kyung Park: Governing doped bodies: The World Anti-Doping Agency and the global culture of surveillance – Emily Noelle Ignacio: Pro(fits) of a future not our own: Neoliberal reframings of public discourse on social justice – Jurjo Torres Santomé: School culture and the fight against exclusion: An optimistic curriculum – Mar Rodríguez Romero: Educational change, cultural politics, and social reinvention – Dolores Juliano: The challenges of migration: Anthropology, education, and multiculturalism – Mariano Fernández-Enguita: Ethnic group, class, and gender: Paradoxes in the education of Moroccans and Roma in Spain – Juan José Bueno Aguilar: New racisms in Spanish society – Cathryn Teasley: Roma youth at school: Instituting inclusion from a legacy of exclusion – Cameron McCarthy: Understanding the neoliberal context of race and schooling in the age of globalization – James G. Ladwig: Coda: Terrorism, globalization, schooling, and humanity.