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George Rapp's re-established Harmony Society

Edited by Blanca H. Arndt- Letters and Documents of the "Baker-Henrici Trusteeship</I>/Briefe und Dokumente zur Geschichte von "├ľkonomie am Ohio</I>- 1848-1868

Blanca H. Arndt

The Harmony Society was a singularly successful Christian commune established by Swabian millenarians on the American frontier. Based on German and English primary sources, this volume documents the Society's history from the death of its founder George Rapp in 1847 to the death of its powerful Trustee R.L. Baker in 1868. These two decades saw the society change from communal work to communal investments that brought about its greatest material prosperity. The volume consists of letters and other documentary material covering this period. The original language of the sources has been retained and English summaries are provided.
This volume contains numerous German documents.