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International Geneva Yearbook: Vol. VII/1993

Organization and Activities of International Institutions in Geneva


The International Geneva Yearbook Association

Since its introduction in 1985, the International Geneva Yearbook has become an indispensable reference work for diplomats, journalists, international and national civil servants, businessmen, researchers and students needing current information on international institutions based at or active in Geneva.
Each annual volume provides more than 300 pages of concise information on the organization, past achievements and current activities of 30 United Nations bodies, more than 20 specialized agencies and other organizations, 130 non-governmental organizations, 25 research and educational institutions, permanent missions and multinational companies.
Each volume also features a series of articles in which eminent specialists offer their views and comments on political, legal, social and economic issues related to the work of Geneva's international institutions.
Content: Articles and Opinion - Institutional Guide: The United Nations - Specialized Agencies and other Bodies within the United Nations System - Other Intergovernmental Organizations - Organizations with Special Status - Nongovernmental Organizations - Research and Educational Institutions - Permanent Missions with the United Nations Office and with Specialized Agencies in Geneva - Multinational Companies.