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Topics in Swiss German Syntax

Zvi Penner

The present volume is a collection of papers devoted to the syntax of the German dialects spoken in Switzerland. The selection of the topics covers the main areas of current syntactic theorizing, namely verb placement, the structure of the nominal phrase, the pronominal system and pro drop phenomena, subordination and the complementizer system, and infinitive placement. Alongside the detailed description of the syntactic particularities of the dialectal syntax and their highly-articulated structure, the papers in this volume provide theoretical accounts for the studied phenomena, all of which are couched within the framework of the current theory of Generative Grammar.
Contents: Zvi Penner & Thomas Bader: Introduction - Thomas Bader: Missing and Misplaced z' in Bernese Swiss German - Kaspar Brand & Zvi Penner: The Rule of D-Deletion in Swiss German and the Internal Structure of COMP - Kathrin Cooper: Null Subjects and Clitics in Zurich German - Zvi Penner & Thomas Bader: Issues in the Syntax of Subordination: A Comparative Study of the Complementizer System in Germanic, Romance, and Semitic Languages with Special Reference to Bernese Swiss German - Manuela Schönenberger & Zvi Penner: Probing Swiss-German Clause Structure by means of the Placement of Verbal Expletives: Tun «do» Insertion and Verb Doubling - Zvi Penner & Manuela Schönenberger: The Distribution of Nominal Agreement Features in Swiss German Dialects and the Strong DP/CP Parallelism Hypothesis - Manuela Schönenberger: Constituent Order in the VP: Verb Raising and Verb Projection Raising.