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Employee Relocations as a Means of Remodeling Public Organizations

Ismo Lumijärvi

The purpose of this book is to describe how employee relocations have been implemented in two big Finnish public corporations. What did the transfers imply in terms of technical, professional, social and cognitive processes of change. What sort of effects did the transfers have? The book is looking at the transfer process from the viewpoint of the individual employees affected. Relocations provide a topical approach to the development of public organizations. There are challenges for the increase of relocations: downsizing of public administration, mergers of public agencies, rationalization, new technology and intensified automation. Also the advent of 'Single European Market' may raise civil servant mobility within and between the member states. One of the messages of the book is that in managing personnel relocations it is needed sensitivity. Transfers must be geared to the particular needs of both the employer and the employee.