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Contending with Hayek

On Liberalism, Spontaneous Order and the Post-Communist Societies in Transition

Christoph Frei and Robert Nef

The essays presented in this volume are the result of a Friedrich A. Hayek Colloquium that was held in Zurich. Under the auspices of the 'Liberales Institut', a small group of experts were invited to contend with Hayek - to re-examine the main tenets of his philosophy, and to discuss the enduring relevance of his ideas and precepts after the revolutions of 1989. Does Hayek's thought contain guidance for coping with the social, political, and economic challenges of the 1990s?
Contents: Renouncing the Pretence of Knowledge - On Emergent and Constructed Orders, and Their Wherewithal - The Liberalism of F.A. Hayek and Its Precarious Foundations - Hayek's Ideas as an Action Guide for the Future.