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Georgij Pobedonosec v russkoj kul'ture (St. George in Russian Culture)

Stranicy istorii (Pages from History)


Savely Senderovich

The book is written in Russian
St. George is one of the most productive leitmotives in European, especially Russian, culture. The early medieval cult of the saint fell on fertile soil; resulting in hagiography, iconography, religious and state symbolism, and finding its way into folklore, literature, and painting. Tracing this motif leads to profound insights concerning important texts, authors and cultural situations. The book starts with a source survey of the cult's origin and its medieval history in all cultural genres and then proceeds with concrete in-depth studies of this motif in individual Russian texts and with authors from the 12th through the 20th century. The sum of these studies contributes to a phenomenology of culture.
Contents: Types of St. George iconography - George the Courageous in the Russian city of Bethlehem - The irreverent nature of the Russian 'bylina' - The epic Prince Igor and its saint - Chekhov's major obsession - Pasternak's syndrome of treachery - Kandinsky's Europeanism and Russianness - Symbolism of a new nationalism.