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Stefan Andres

The Christian Humanist as a Critic of his Times


Though unfamiliar to many in Germany today, Stefan Andres' substantial oeuvre is gradually being rediscovered and reassessed. Through a comprehensive survey of his fictional and publicist work, this study seeks to reconcile the author's intense and detailed exploration of human spirituality with his passionate and critical confrontation with socio-political reality, showing that what have thus far been considered distinct, even antithetical thematic strands, are, in fact, complementary aspects of a wholly consistent, if complex Christian humanism.
Contents: Stefan Andres 1906-1970 - Guilt-Reconciliation and the Heimatdichter - Theological and Philosophical Context - Existentialist Influences - Christian Humanism and Myth - The Evolving Social Critic - A 'New' Germany: From Idealism to Disillusionment and Beyond.