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Political Boundaries and Coexistence

Proceedings of the IGU-Symposium Basel/Switzerland, 24-27 May 1994

Werner A. Gallusser

Discussing political boundaries from the point of view of Geography, means not only to discuss border lines, but also to consider, describe and analyze the neighbouring areas and transborder activities. This volume contains almost 50 contributions by authors from all over the world, covering many aspects of coexistence conflicts, e.g. notoriously problematical boundaries, the dynamics of new borders in E and SE Europe (incl. Ex-USSR), the various motivations of transborder cooperation (topography, cultural space, economy, transportation), the effects of new telecommunication systems, new research methods, reflexions on centralistic coercions of nation states, etc.
It is the editor's aim not to question present-day boundaries, but, with an overtone of hope, to give an impetus to peaceful coexistence on political borders.