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«We trust Ourselves and Money. Period.»

Relationships, Death and Homosexuality in David Leavitt's Fiction


Lelia Guscio

Although David Leavitt has been hailed as the «enfant prodige» of American literature as well as the spokesman of the new generation of gay writers, he has also been harshly criticized by some critics for having been overly superficial in his writing. While dealing with traditional topics such as the family, he also examines delicate subjects such as death and homosexuality. However, his writing is pervaded by a negative attitude which does not seem to reflect the American social structure of the 1980s but which is connected with the ideas expressed in his essay «The New Lost Generation.»
Contents: The family as an institution, personal relationships, death and homosexuality, are all at the center of David Leavitt's narrative. This study provides the reader with a better understanding of David Leavitt's handling of these topics as well as of the negative trend in his fiction.